Our Philosophy

Expect More

Your business is important, and it faces ever changing and challenging world markets. This is why Las Cruces Machine, Manufacturing & Engineering (LCMME) believes that you should expect -and get -more from your machining suppliers. At LCMME, we believe that consistently providing the highest quality product, on-time delivery and competitive pricing are the minimum expectations our customers should have of us. We realize our future depends on us exceeding your expectations, and when you do business partner focused on our customer's success.

You can expect dedicated customer service at LCMME because we don't just make parts; we focus on your total product and its end user. You can expect us to be there for you working on an individual basis to create solutions that meet your specific needs and goals. You can expect constant innovation, technological improvements and lean manufacturing. You can expect us to match our manufacturing resources to your needs in order to sustain your competitive advantage.

Expect A Business Solution

Our mission best defines how we strive to create business solutions for our customers. LCMME is a completely customer-focused organization. We serve our customers by:

  • Understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • Creating strategic partnerships to meet their business challenges.
  • Investing in the best technologies.
  • Embracing continuous improvement processes.
  • Maintaining a highly skilled workforce.

Expect Personal Service

All of our state-of-the-art machines, efficient manufacturing processes and advanced quality control systems mean nothing without superior customer focus. I give you my personal commitment to work with you in your business to deliver value, quality, experience, and, most importantly, outstanding customer service.